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Sketch night @ Society of Illustrators NYC


Last week I went to a specialty fashion sketch night at the society. Its $20 and from 6:30 – 9. Its really chill and there is free dumplings and the wine is $8 a glass. We all got wine. I went with 6 people lol. but we got there at 6:30 on the dot and all the best seats were taken. Up close would have been preferable.

This model was so pretty she literally had a 12 inch waist. I love drawing from life, but it is difficult to find a model with a perfect figure, face, styling, makeup and the ability to pose for a drawing not for the camera.


Yaeko sat by me shes so talented she was recently featured in a fashion illustration book as an up and comming fashion illustrator.


Really blurry pic of Harry potter painting for the movie poster…was it Drew Struzan? Loved that doc about him on netflix. Should look that up HAHAHAH.


Elvis and James (super talented coworkers and  friends) who brought real inks and watercolors, you can bring any supplies you want there. Also don’t be nervous if you havent been there and are worried about attending for the first time, no one talks to you or looks at your work, everyone is pretty relaxed and introverted as all illustrators are.wpid-cam00879.jpg wpid-cam00880.jpg

Some of my sketches, the wine made this a very fun and relaxing way to spend a thursday night in NYC.wpid-cam00882.jpg wpid-cam00891.jpg wpid-cam00892.jpgHere is the models pose and Yaeko’s sketch on left and mine on right. Its so interesting to see two artists interpretation of the same pose. Its also to be best friends forever and have the nerdiest night of friendship ever.


Yes thats a selfie while the rest of the place was drawing. Come to the Society of Illustrators for sketch night!

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Favorite Fashion Illustrators



Starting with Stina Persson. She is the boss of the modern fashion illustration genre. I know someone who saw her do a watercolor demonstration in person, he said she used masking and did all the traditional techniques then scanned the painting in and added the clean pure whites and graphics and burned and dodged in photoshop. I follow her on her blog and she now makes “imperfect” watercolors that are the way they are without digital manipulation and she is probably a millionaire from all the commissions she’s made. Or at least rich at heart. They saw the true riches lie in your heart from happiness. Her art makes me very happy.

I feel like Stokholm, Sweden is one big art museum. Because they also have Sarah Singh. Shes very similar to Stina I think that are friends but she has an edge to her work also more attention to anatomy in her full bodied people.

I love Robert Best, remember he was on Project Runway? He is a really talented OG type fashion illustrator. He just can draw from his head like the originals can. I have difficulty doing this – the draw from your head and know how to turn a leg etch out an ankle. I’m used to reference and I just haven’t been able to make up a body on the spot yet.  Lanvin-logo

I have been reading so much about the incredible Lanvin exhibit in Paris. Did you ever see this vintage logo its a mother and daughter designed after Jeanne Lanvin and her only daughter she made mother daughter matching sets. I just love a pretty Art Deco, when will tis come back in a huge over powering way?

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Julie and Julia


all images via parisinfourmonths16658028646_a351f292ef_o paris images via parisinfourmonths

I have seen the movie, read My Life in France by Julia child, then Cleaving by julie powell (the library didn’t have Julie and Julia) which was such a awful experience i didnt have the stomach to try the original book i wanted to read by her. But today, years later – I finished julie and jul’ia i was able to use the overdrive app and get an e library book of it for free! I was way better than cleaving. OMg Cleaving was so disgusting. Not because of the meat hacking shes writing about – Cleaving is in reference to her butchering apprenticeship. After touching on slicing meat it goes in to the sordid macabre minutae of her affair. She cheats on her husband and he knows it and she loves doing it and has the time of her life. And breaks ups with the dude and then stalks him (he is NOT intersted) and then her husb has an affair too and its so gross, I stopped reading  and just read the reviews and summary.


My life in France by Julia Child is really good and sweet. Its a real love story. It got weird when they go to germany (for me) cuz she kept saying she was shocked they weren’t all barbarians (yes we are decedents of barbaric tribes haha but still) based on the era when she lived I guess thats just how americans felt at the time. But it was off putting I stopped reading that too. The movie omg Meryl Streep and stanley tucci they’re the most exquisite actors and Streep as julia child is .. so mesmerizing. My favorite scene is when shes trying to describe a taste from a french dish to her sister (expertly played by Jane Lynch) and Tucci says its tangy and she leans over to him so overcome with love and says well thats …my husband. Its how the Childs were in real life im sure of it. They were hammy( see below hahahah)

54cc08591ca1cf0a23ad8ffa_imageI should mention now that amy adams as julie powell was a weirdddd casting direction. They should have has a real curvy girl with the correct coloring and a slight democratic texan feel. AMy adams is just too thin and pretty, you know she doesn’t eat and you KNOW she would get all hissy fitting and annoying girl but you just dont want to see that, its indecent to see grown woman act like vapid ennui little girls. She seems spoiled in the movie and they try to make her “ugly” but giving her a mullet and making her a unsuccessful writer instead of the unmotivated (scared?) actress she really is. But Julie Powell writes really well, she gets to the heart of things and shes a bit honest. Im glad I read J/J becasue it explains Cleaving (do not read that one, again) in J/J she is obsessed with her own and others sex lives in a way that some married-too-younge ppl something imagine the grass is greener and they are missing out. In J/J she even obviously attempts to seduce a director twice to the knowledge of her husband eric the long suffering but thoroughly unhelpful bloke shes married too. Other weird stuff too like how she imagines her domestic role and resents having that role. In there loft in Queens shes supposed to be a cleaning/cooking all domestic things slave and eric stays in his own world tuning her out until she screams obscenities. He also is always reading magazines which is hard to fathom since no magazines exist now, over ten years after this story started. I suppose now he’d just be on fb. Or like me eating all that french food I would want to go to France ASAP.

paris in four months

paris in four months

I also wonder if she took photos of her dishes she made, or if back then you didn’t have too, you just wrote. But yea amy in the movie was just bad but thats how nora ephron does hysterical capital B characters – there is always one as the lead in all her movies.  If life was so hard because the butter wouldn’t whatever right or the lobster you want to boil was scary, that would be such a sweet relif I would sob uncontrollably. Its exhausting watching these characters because if someone acted that way in real life they would have no friends or partner its unrealistic to be around these types of emotional narcissistic vampires. Also, its mean to portray woman this way, as a woman you make us look dreadful. If they put amy in a fat suit I would like her in the movie. That would be AWESOME. What I really want to do with this new info is bake a good chocolate almond cake from Julia Child’s recipe Reine de Saba it means Queen of Sheba I will make it for Easter this weekend. I also am really looking forward to one day FINALLY GOING TO PARIS! Gotta dream big, thats the takaway over and out. Froehe Oster!!

Reine de Saba (Chocolate and Almond Cake) with Glaçage au Chocolat (Chocolate-butter Icing)

Reine de Saba (Chocolate and Almond Cake) with Glaçage au Chocolat (Chocolate-butter Icing)

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Visiting The Cloisters

On this  ridiculously un-spring like weekend we went to NYC and visited the Cloisters and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Cloisters is a medieval castle that was built in the 1930s in Harlem and its in a pretty park by the 190th A train subway stop. its a super express ride to get there, no big deal to walk the 7 mins across the park either. I cant believe we haven’t been before, it is a really unique place. Almost of the interiors are imported from france and spain and very ancient authentic medieval frescoes, statues, stained glass, and real medieval botanicals too. I want to make sure to visit in the summer. The highlights for me are the unicorn tapestries. omg so beautiful, and there are thousands of varieties of plants and flowers woven in to he tapestries which depict the capture of the unicorn, only a pure virgin can tame the unicorn. There is a fntastic fiction book I read once called The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier.



Its about a blind girl who knows how to weave and what to weave from the scent of botanicals and the feel of the dye in the threads. The cloisters are so enchanting. Also they have a real tilman riemenschneider, the most prestigious and my favorite wood carver who happens to be german (lol im not biased) also we saw his greatest pieces on our last trip to Germany so such a sweet surprise to see another piece by him.


tilman riemenschneider

DSC_3686the cloisters  DSC_3612 DSC_3499 DSC_3411

We went to the Met after, because we are nuts. Just so you know the admission is suggested to both museams, that means u have your cash and you go to the clerk and say one ticket please, dont go up there and say one ticket please then they will say that will be 25 dollars and that sucks, because its not true it is not 25 to go to the museum that is what they think you should pay. When I was young and impressionable i paid the 25 once because i was forced, you have to give them the cash you want to “donate” and they have to give you a ticket immediately no arguing allowed. I think $1 is fine but husb gave $15 cuz i wasn’t watching, also we paid for the audio guide $7 but it was really worth it. You can use your ticket same day at the cloister and met.

the female pharaoh Hatshepsut

the female pharaoh Hatshepsut


book review

My four favorite sci fi fantasy book series

in no particular order these are the best gd sci-fi series I have ever read over and over and over. I love to read I’m a serious book worm,I walk and read eat and read and take books into the shower. First a disclosure i love YA. I loved anamorphic when I was in middle school.but I haven’t reread them since then. All these other books I have read as an adult,with pride ahahahasha. Ok first up:

Julianna Baggot the pure trilogy

I’m this world a huge blast has turned the world to ashes. Every sci fi is based on something and this is very Japan after hiroschima atomic bomb but the whole world has catastropheid. The protagonist is a teen Japanese girl named Prussia it takes place by Washington, D.C. So when the world exploded a white dome rises up and is visible for miles and miles. The world is gray and ash and …everything and everyone Is attached to what was near at the time of the explosion. Also every “wretch” is scarred,starving, and in danger. Most died in the bomb but the survivors are horrifically malformed. For instance pressias hand is fused with a doll. The fussing or people to people and animals and rocks is permenant. The fused tissue is alive and can can be removed. One boy has birds fused to his back they are alive killing them would kill him. Another guy-my favorite! – named el capital has his little brother fused to his back they were riding a motorcycle at the time, helmed his brother is rendered dumb. Every book in this series is good and all should be read it get insane. Some religious overtone. Also there are people in that dome,unharmed who knew about all this,there is a master plan in place And you will never guess the twists and turns in plot. Fasinating series.

The hunger games Suzanne Collins 

Omg I loved these books. I’ve read these over and over I get hysterical sobs.they are way better than the movie but this is a rare senario where the movies really good too.thats due to JLaw,she’s incredible. But the books are better,and the details are more on point and significant,along with new characters that are integral.mockingjay the movie was not that great,compared to the book,agh.

Twilight Stephanie Meyer 

Dude I no hahaha,I tried these back when I was in collage and I was too annoyed by the damsel distress idiocracy I judged was happening. I was very mistaken and I’m sorry. These are a stupendous achievement my goodness. I skipped the middle books and just went for the first and last which I hav reread over and over. A real love story, that which is so poignant and profound. So obviously I’m verrrryyyy late to this game and just watched the first movie on Netflix last weekend.oh dear, that was embarrassing, the only person cast correctly was RPat/Edward everyone else holy jaysus. I was like whose that “blonde” chic supposed to be? Omg noooooo not Rosalie omg please no that’s just mean. And Kstew ( I dunno y I keep abbreviating the actors haha) o mother of gosh y is she in this movie? They tried to make her pretty with nice hair but the fussy hairstyles are even further removed from Bella. the special effects are revolting,a joke.i couldn’t watch I just kept it on in the living room as I made dinner because I was profoundly disturbed by this travesty,I’m not sure if I’ll watch any more of the movies, but RPat was good,he’s all that’s ok w the film. As for the books, they are incredible and the story moved me.

The Host Stephanie Meyer 

This is currently my favorite book in the whole world. This is better than Twigglight? This brings me back to my favorite animorphs books back in the day. This is also a love story it is so good. Aliens parasites take over the world they are called souls,they bring peace and I just don’t want to talk about it,just read it I’m afraid of giving away anything.i literally didn’t move for hours and just read this whole book one Saturday. I dropped everything and didn’t do any errands I can’t describe how emotionally involved I am to this story of Wanderer.


Looks like an early winter

I havent beem outside for an enjoyable walk in it seems like forever.we copied the Nordic Europeans and just delt with the over waiting for the nice weather to get to me,im just thena go outside bundled up and with a to-go coffee. We wanted to see how the Canadian geese have delt with the most recent blizzard (which i walked home in btw hahah) also all the trees looked like they were covered in frosting. The geese it turns out, just are. The snow is cold and frost builds up on feathers,ice covers the brook. But nature doesn’t
change it just exists and accepts the change – to resist what IS … futile. The water fowl stands on one foot and the melting water cicles around him. He does a grooming rutual, the lidless eyes watching us
watching him be in the moment. And the sky is vividly blue as i see my breaths fills the air wuth cotton puffs.took lotsa pics but somehow won’t bring myself to put on the ‘puter. I just want write this post on my iPad while I’m eating a friendly sundae and the game is on (hockey of course,that’s wat my husband watches…I don’t really watch or play the sports) Just writing a quick post, a thought, a description about this cold jersey winter.

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Lana Del Rey you complete me

every creative needs a system, a routine that launches the whirlwind. I like to set up first : lay out my sketchbook with an eraser nearby, coffee, reference like books and images….then I find something to stream. I usually do Dr. Phil,mtv true life, 48 hours,90 day fiancé,my five wives….we don’t have cable or any real tv just Netflix and YouTube so streaming is the only way I see these types of shows.also I need to have this on my laptop so I’m at my kitchen table and not on the couch in front of the tv. 

Of course all this setting up won’t produce results unless I’m inspired. If something hasn’t stirred my soul enough to actually begin drawing I will do my errands-I should mention the only time I get for my personal art is saturdays and Sunday’s. Im really lucky to be inspired walking thru nyc’s fashion district everyday because of my opportunity to b gainfully employed as a graphic designer, which I lov but I have had my issues focusing on my passion to the level that I do …. Now see here this full time life – It taps into a creative vein all day, you hav to use ur sources your ideas,you can’t save them for later or your own stuff, you need to come up with new stuff all the time. 

it used to drain me and I just couldn’t make in my time off. i was burned out from graduating school,life,learning how to deal with working 9-5 for the rest of my life every week with just two weeks was tough I’m not going to pretend otherwise but like all things in life,you adjust and it’s not that impossible anymore it’s just…fine,doable not the end of the world. You just need that system that works for you and you only. 

Which is what I wanted to say. Sometimes you need help expressing what you want to make. And if I need to make something – gotta make something but I can’t figure it out. I feel like I’m at a loss or I hate the drivel I’ve come up with so far, when I’m earasing more than drawing – I turn to Lana Del Rey. Her music and videos,lyrics and poetry,looks and thoughts all of it speaks to the deepest corners of my soul. I love hearing and seeing her music so much it is painful and twisted. What she’s saying just shatters me. I identify with the lonesome freedom she exemplifies and also hers arterial comments on society. The Ophelia floating girl imagery in her videos and the born to die star crossed lovers covered in blood, omg I swoon. It’s me so me. I love you Lana, thank you for sharing your beauty with the world,I’m so happy I found you! My number one song off the new album is Brooklyn baby. also love ( of course all but especially) blue jeans,video games,radio, and once upon a dream (cover of the original Cinderella song) I die,I’m dead.