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Working Girl – Lunch Making

What do you do for lunch everyday? I always leave the office and wander around NY going to one of the parks in Midtown. I try to make a decent lunch every night before work for me and my husb. I also make nutribullet blasts. I prepare by cutting a variety of fruit, then spinach or kale, add nuts, flaxseeds and chia. Then in the morning add the water, blast and that’s breakfast. I hate salad and I think i only like soup because the crackers or delicious fresh bread I can eat with it, unless its a really good potato leek or garlic tomato basil.  Anyway that mostly means good sandwiches and carrots, grapes or a million other fresh fruits.  I can’t really be trusted to buy my lunch or bfast on a work day. I have every option available in NYC so left my own devices I’d have to get a muffin or bagel w/CC and for lunch a huge sandwich with salt and vinegar chips or white cheddar or caramel popcorn. I have eaten unhealthy most of my life and it shows in energy levels. When I make my own work meals I also don’t buy my 3:00 snack.

Someone has to buy all these groceries, maintain them annnd make these meal too though and it is so daunting. But it is possible. If I can do it anyone can because I have .01% willpower but the benefits are so worth it. The nutribullet blasts is really my only source of vitamins everyday. These micro-nutrients and fiber are so essential to your life and your being and just energy level. But if I had so much money then I would buy super healthy lunch everyday instead of making it. Nutribullets are super pricy but can also make sauces and soups with them. Also your teeth will never chew and break down the nutrients of food as well as the nutribullet blasts them. You are able to really absorb all the goodness from fruit and veggies like never before. Its an investment, if you have a blender try that first, but I love how my nutribullet is to-go style, we got ours at target.  (click below image to get a full size printable recipe card for your fridge.)

Which brings me to the part I hate most about the movie Working Girl. At the end of the movie harrison ford gives melanie griffin a sacked lunch to take to work and Im like one your first day of work at this new job you wont eat out? hahah you must treat yourself and celebrate sometimes even if its not the healthiest thing to do without treat/cheat days whats the point.On a weird tangent I think that movie was all kinds of weird I mean i love it its a classic so I’ve watched it often. But this film could never be made now. MG is so puffy, why does everyone look so old back then? Not sigourney weaver, I love her saucy face and angular patrician figure. Also I should mention I always want the villan to win in every movie. I feel like its more sexy and true to real life and I also like to root for the bad guy underdog because its a twisty ending. I feel like this is weird to admit outloud lol. OMG btw you really should watch this incredible heartwarming viral video about yoga/weightloss overcomming obstacles and being a war veteran. If your at the office you can watch it without sound, when he first fails he says “Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I’m not going to be able to do it…someday.” My eyes are sweating.

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Writing about Drawing


DSC_7386Making art is an extremely uncomfortable thing for me to talk about, let alone write about. Every second of my life is spent half in daydream about beautiful things I would like to draw and just make or see. I am a drawing type of artist, things get sticky right around the time I need to complete a piece which really means add color and polish it up. Sometimes I love my pencil drawing too much and don’t want to mess up the subtlety of the line. Other time my drawing is awful and it needs ink and color and cropping to save it. But its never as satisfying to end the whole process as it it to dwell in the possibilities and reference material that inspires the whole thing. The above drawing is my “finish” (for what? for who?) and below is some reference:


The cheekbones and the peacock. I love cheekbones. Not in a hanibal lector collect them way of course. The dress is a Dolce and Gabbana inspired by Frida Kahlo, its originally in green. This picture is a way of procrastinating from my other freelance work I am busy with. I have to draw a lot of men and children for this current project and its aargrhh. I like to draw fashion girls more. One question before I go, can you grow a small pineapple from the stem of a pineapple? I heard on NPR someone did this.. I am going to try it:

DSC_7389I just finished Dan Brown’s Inferno today and it is SPECTACULAR. Its about world overpopulation, the plague,  Florence, Venice and **spoiler alert-Istanbul, *** and Dante’s Inferno. Very good highly recommended. I thought about Ebola often as I read it ( there are a lot of pandemic viruses mentioned) Have a great mondayyyy lol. I do not have Columbus day off. Its ok, making art for work is not really work.

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Fashion Illustration Friday

fashion illustration

Every Friday should be Fashion Illustration Friday. That bag is Coach’s RHYDER bag it is $650. I I’d rather look at fashion as art and admire it. I don’t need to use it to enjoy it. I am happy to draw it and admire the quality and the craftsmanship that goes in to it. I don’t want a knockoff either, luxury pieces will remain as they are to me : something I admire from a distance and fit into a unique narrative of my dreams. My fashion mags and blogs I follow are fuel for inspiration. Purchasing won’t deliver the promise of a better life, though the fantasy lets me escape my ordinary life for a moment. Except my moment is hours … my head is in the clouds for hours a day. Sweet pink blooms, luxury goods, Lana Del Rey and straight unfrizzy hair is where I escape today.

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No Beginning and no End

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking is a documentary on Netflix told in his “voice” which is computer generated, he uses the muscles in his cheek to communicate because due to his ALS he can no longer walk or speak, however using his magnificent brainpower helps keep the disease at bay (its a muscle atrophy situation). It was nice to learn more about his personal life. Did you know he says the big bang isn’t just god but that universes and planets solar systems are constantly spontaneously being created – for the universe has no beginning or end. As I sit here typing there are planets blooming in the sky like night flowers and while we sleep galaxies are burning up and suns are dying stars. Sometimes makes me think you could never doubt a higher power for science is almost as unknowable as gods and goddesses.
Of course if you see that other doc on netflix ‘The Unbelievers’ (which has scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss) its difficult to believe in any one religion and completely see that Darwin’s theory of evolution can bring us in to a new age of enlightenment that can still be filled with love and compassion for our fellow earthlings. I watch these docs as Im drawing or working on freelance projects so I know I’m missing info. I know from experience…I watched all of madmen this way and when I saw an episode in person I realized there were nuances and scenes that are pretty integral haha I watch tv like its a radio.

Even more unrelated I just got through the book by Damien Echols and Lorri Davis – Yours for Eternity: A Love Story on Death Row. Damien is a west memphis three member who was wrongfully accused of murder and sentenced to death ( all in Arkansas) and imprisoned for 18 years during which time Lorri and he met and got married and now they live happily together in Salem, Ma. never to return south. But this book is their prison love letters. They are really beautiful and poetic and have a lot of reference to Magik which D practices through Wicca. And which seemed to have helped him remain unbroken through his ordeal. Now I have got to read his memoir Life after Death which is not at my library like Yours for Eternity was. It is $11 in kindle store which is too hard to swing now, I will wait Im sure it will show up at the library someday. I have to say the love letters made me cry and get a bit worked up so I had to skip a few and see the end often, to make sure he gets out. Also I watched Paradise lost the three part HBO docs and I started Devils Knot which is a movie about the whole thing starring Reese Whiterspoon- also on netflix, but i stopped 20 mins in I was too annoyed at the whole ignorance and plain silliness and its just too awful. (the true story, not he movie or anything, the cinematography and compositional shots as well as lighting was very nicely done) So thats my “religious” question mark post today. Also something sweet I read in the book was in Kabbalah (btw happy Rosh Hashanah if you celebrate it!) it is believed that before we are born one spirit exists and it is split in two going one half in to a girl and the other half boy and when you meet you are real soul mates in every sense. Its a pretty thought right?


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Interacting with Humans

conventionalThe above quote is by Bertrand Russell, illustrated my my fabric marker and a necklace I broke by accident.  My creative soul and sense of humor gets misunderstood often. I am beggining to understand that most arguments are because of what the other person is feeling and not me, I just have to keep that in mind that the social battles on this earth are usually internal. I wish I could be more ordinary sometimes. Or at least be simpler and zen. I have my own agenda I want to follow and I cant be coerced into convention, unless I can make that stretch for a loved one. Art is a jealous mistress and I and obsessed with working on my art lately. I have also taken up weekly yoga and zumba classes. So I am getting things done. True happiness is about productivity, pleasure and purpose. I have a defined purpose right now and I am being productive but I have to make sure to carve out time for pleasure (ew lets say fun, pleasure sounds too steamy) Maybe I will go to the library.  LOL I wish that sounded less nerdy. I need to stop reading true crime books but I can’t I just finished “One Last Kiss: The True Story of a Minister’s Bodyguard, His Beautiful Mistress, and a Brutal Triple Homicide” by Michael W. Cuneo. Exquisitely written super creepy story about Joyce Meyer’s former head of security and his secret life and homicides of his family. I would love to solve mysteries but I never figure things out till its revealed in novels. OK I’m headed to yoga now have a fantastic weekend!!

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3 steps to Creating your Online Portfolio – Zombie Style have gone through so many online portfolios. Mostly they have been pretty gross. The fault of that is mine. In my youthful insouciance I would rather throw ca$h at the problem I needed solved. I didn’t give much thought to it I just wanted to impulsively fix it! start it! begin my career! my life! showcase my work! So I pay for hosting and domain and then hmm…not much. You see there needs to be a game plan, whenever you want to put effort into something including your hard earned dollar. The truth is your can’t throw money at the “problem” you have to think and be aware of what a course of action is. There are some things I learned the hard way and now I will give my unsolicited advice out to you in the form of a portfolio zombie:

Create the Flesh
hahaha you knew this was coming (the zombie apocalypse!) Maybe your a new graduate, or have been working for a while and have not updated the ‘folio you used to get hired. Either way before even browsing the sites you need the work. Before you worry over your logo, branding, costs, biz cards…you need to display your body of work in an appealing logical easy to comprehend way. This is the flesh of the portfolio the whole point of it all. So it needs to look good. I know there are traditionally 10-20 pieces in one back in the olden days. But now with the WORLDWIDEWEB there aren’t many limits so just break it up into categories, easy comprehensible categories that will lead your admirers to where they want to go. These finished pieces need to be web ready jpegs for most images/photos and pngs for vectors. Your skin and flesh would just be a puddle if not for…

Prop up the Bones
Find an anatomically correct service site/ host that is clean and simple. With that blank canvas feeling (I prefer white background to black). Your body of work should stand out and just be …..existing. There is your work, your bio, contact info, and social media with tabs or links to these pages. Also your logo and branding with color scheme clean throughout. Some great portfolio site that are mostly free are : cargo collective, carbonmade, wordpress, wix, squarespace, and behance. I like them all they are all equally perfect and beautiful, with similar designs and pricing lol so its hard to choose. For now you are finding, searching, looking…. do not commit to anything yet.Every site listed has a free trial so put all your work up and see it, feel how it represents your body of work.

Its Alive!!
Just like any real pet zombie or baby, you have to maintain this thing. Its only useful when it is worked on a few times a month through updating projects, news, and  posting about it all thru your social media too.

So what does a good portfolio look like? Who is a celebrity visual commercial artist? IMHO its Jillian Tamaki, Julia Denos, David Mckenney and Joy Cho there are so many more. When you look at these artists portfolios the content is huge. There are certainly not a few pieces there are a ton, the user clicks around and eventually you get to something that really strikes your fancy, you also get a glimpse of personality. I’m sorry, I know its a lot more difficult than you may have imagined. However, it must be done to be seen as a professional and for yourself. Do this to showcase your beautiful work, even if you love your job, or don’t want freelance projects at this time. It’s nice to keep a pretty collection all in one easy spot. I think the best way to do i is trial periods, just last night I finished my new online portfolio. I will say cargo collective is preferable to carbonmade, becasue you can uploade up to 100mb and on carbonmade its 5 projects only, so if you are like me and have a lot of category (and no money to keep throwing at this online folio) cargo is better and there are way more templates to choose from, and a header option so you can make it prettier and more customized all for free! I still have a few tweaks to do I kinda love hate it right now and so far its free for up to five projects so I’m just debating. Of course the next step is your print portfolio. Everyone needs both

:D yay!!

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What Would Benjamin Franklin Do


Ben Franklin is pretty inspiring. He made a serious life schedule (see above). Did you ever read his memoir (that one is free on kindle) its very good, he was kinda saucy, like the Ben in the office episode hahah. I want to make one too for this year. I got the above image from Jessica Hische the rockstar of the communicative arts world. You should see her scheduled she posted (under thoughts on her website) it is sick and twisted and amazing. I would love to live her life for a day, she did the opening credit illustrations in Moonrise kingdom! Shes like “when Wes called me…” meaning Wes Anderson. Dude.

The thing is I remember being a morning person. the amazing possibility of the early light coming through the windows when I awakened. My lil sis is going to be a vet and she says the birds sing the most in the mornings just because they want to spread the word that ” we made it throughout the night! we are alive and we can sing!” I think of that on my way to the train, a mist all the twitters. I have a hard commute – a 12 hour day. That is no excuse to use all 14-16 hours a day I am awake to the fullest.

When it is so hard to wake up I wish I could somehow wake up earlier and work towards my real dreams. I want to wake up with the birds and the sunrise and workout, draw and make a plan of attack for the day. I wish I could be as simply grateful as the animal world and appreciate that simply I have the chance to live another day. I have to say winter is my toughest season and morning is my toughest hours. I guess now that I seem to have focused on the negatives it would be better to be POSITIVE. Try to be positive bunnies, every bad sad thought causes a deeper and deeper rut in your brain that gets harder and harder to fill.

I want to do Zumba, finish my secret project, scan all my family albums and archive them and get my Etsy store going again, all while working that 9-5 (9-6?!?!) design job that I love. Dwell in possibility. This year I’m going to do it. It will happen. If not now when?