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Lana Del Rey you complete me

every creative needs a system, a routine that launches the whirlwind. I like to set up first : lay out my sketchbook with an eraser nearby, coffee, reference like books and images….then I find something to stream. I usually do Dr. Phil,mtv true life, 48 hours,90 day fiancé,my five wives….we don’t have cable or any real tv just Netflix and YouTube so streaming is the only way I see these types of shows.also I need to have this on my laptop so I’m at my kitchen table and not on the couch in front of the tv. 

Of course all this setting up won’t produce results unless I’m inspired. If something hasn’t stirred my soul enough to actually begin drawing I will do my errands-I should mention the only time I get for my personal art is saturdays and Sunday’s. Im really lucky to be inspired walking thru nyc’s fashion district everyday because of my opportunity to b gainfully employed as a graphic designer, which I lov but I have had my issues focusing on my passion to the level that I do …. Now see here this full time life – It taps into a creative vein all day, you hav to use ur sources your ideas,you can’t save them for later or your own stuff, you need to come up with new stuff all the time. 

it used to drain me and I just couldn’t make in my time off. i was burned out from graduating school,life,learning how to deal with working 9-5 for the rest of my life every week with just two weeks was tough I’m not going to pretend otherwise but like all things in life,you adjust and it’s not that impossible anymore it’s just…fine,doable not the end of the world. You just need that system that works for you and you only. 

Which is what I wanted to say. Sometimes you need help expressing what you want to make. And if I need to make something – gotta make something but I can’t figure it out. I feel like I’m at a loss or I hate the drivel I’ve come up with so far, when I’m earasing more than drawing – I turn to Lana Del Rey. Her music and videos,lyrics and poetry,looks and thoughts all of it speaks to the deepest corners of my soul. I love hearing and seeing her music so much it is painful and twisted. What she’s saying just shatters me. I identify with the lonesome freedom she exemplifies and also hers arterial comments on society. The Ophelia floating girl imagery in her videos and the born to die star crossed lovers covered in blood, omg I swoon. It’s me so me. I love you Lana, thank you for sharing your beauty with the world,I’m so happy I found you! My number one song off the new album is Brooklyn baby. also love ( of course all but especially) blue jeans,video games,radio, and once upon a dream (cover of the original Cinderella song) I die,I’m dead.

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nerves of steel

GettyImages_483790593 [Converted].epsI have always been a dreamer. I have so many good ideas floating around in the clouds in my head. Often I’m writing down these extensive plans and goals. Something that always got in my way before is the pre judged idea of what I am supposed to do. What a commercial artist does to make money to live. I have always based my world on thinking I had to be this certain business person and that full time corporate employees are interchangeable. But if you are a creative your a different egg. You are able to offer your creative imagination, and they have to pay because they literally can’t make this stuff up.
If you are an artist you are a unique individual with a unique contribution to give this world. And you do not have to be a conventional 9-5er – you can make up the job you do as well. You are able to make your own life and live it. I guess I shouldn’t say artists I mean anyone now in this web world. Continuing to live liker he olden days is…old, moot. Especially since the benefits of the olden days haven’t carried over. Watch Capitalism A Love Story by Michael Moore and you will see my point there. Its not al lost its not all sad. If someday I can just put my dreams into action I am going to be very satisfied. I want to stop dreaming and start DOING and that is the next step.
Crocus-in-Snow-by-oscheneThe best part of spring for me growing up was seeing the first violet crocuses blooming in front of my mothers ouse. I will cry if I can finally get to see one this year. I am so sick and tired of this awful weather. Now that the winter of my life is over and spring is springing (well now this week, we are getting a snowstorm today hahaha) it is time to just START. I want to do it all and make all the pretty things i have been imagining. I want to be a creative entrepreneur with massive, beautiful success. And I want every artist out there to stop acting like you need to be conventional, you can make up any job you want and make a living from it. I have seen it happen before, and I am going to make an example of myself and act as if I have nerves of steel.

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street heART

tumblr_n982b8Bw1h1qiyqdpo1_1280 tumblr_ncr82szrVn1qiyqdpo1_1280

Graffiti has always fascinated me. I used to pass by that 5 Pointz Building in Queens when I lived there and took the 7 train everyday to FIT. I am dating myself AHAHA because it is now gone and turned into apartment buildings. But it was so cool to see new art spray painted all over the urban facades. I first fell in love with Fafi remember her? she did a whole line of lesportsac bags with her pretty artwork. She was from Toulouse-Lautrec in France and I had heard about her in Elle Girl Magazine (the us one -so good I miss it! what happened to all those great magazines? they are blogs now?) She doesn’t spray paint she uses brushes and paint its awesome.


I love her work so Japanese and beautiful curvy woman with hearts on cheeks doing sexy devious things with cuddly alien/bunny-like creatures. Great color use too. I heard Miss Van was first and Fafi really exploited her, But I think Miss Van has her own thing going. I love her hooded slitted eye girls that are now sold in Galleries like Jonathan Levine.

princesas2-500x569 miss-van-24x24-1xrun-fb-500x500

That gallery is fantastic I saw Audrey Kawassaki there-shes also amazing. Of course Bansky is the ultimate Che Guevara of street art. I recently saw Banksy does NY it was so magical, also exit through the gift shop. When I watched that a few years ago I felt my heart snap back in to place as I decided to get back into making my own stuff for me.

Banksy hits Coney Island

My friend recently sent me this because BUNNIES:


Also when we were on our honeymoon in Italy we saw this piece which seems like it could have been space invader? Please? What I like about graffiti is that it goes against the mainstream. It is unexpected, sometimes political or making a thought provoking statement.


Sometimes the randomness is funny or scary or gross. Some street art is ugly and boring and just ruins nice places like palaces or even the pyramids in egypt have ancient grafffit on them. I like when I see something pretty and humorous or deeply profoundly counter cultural.

Louis-Vuitton-Graffiti-Street-Culture-001 bailarinas5_web1-500x403

And if its well drawn or painted with some real thought put behind it. Im sure real graffifit artists hate how mainstream their art is now. I mean Louis Vuitton and fine art galleries are selling it. Its almost like how the original BAMF van gogh with his dead sunflowers and cut ear and potatoe eaters…how he eventually became a paint by numbers in a box. That was totally from the movie mona lisa smile. I am a paint by numbers in a box writer now ahaha. No really I like it I like to see all of arts trajectory from BAD OBSCURE to really cute put it on a tote bag and buy it at a department store. I still feel the initial passion and the statement. I think street art is a day brightener here in NYC.

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Liebster award and questions




It was so lovely to receive a comment from Rosanna on one of my blog posts, THAT I WON!
You can check her blog out here: Rosanna’s Palette.
The Rules to the Liebster Award:
– post the award to your blog
– thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link back to their blog
– answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you
– nominate 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers, include their links, and notify them
– create 11 new questions for them to answer
My Questions from Rosanna:
- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
With two babies, at home running a creative empire that is massively successful. Now that I wrote that I will have to do it.
- Who is your celebrity crush?
My husband
- What is your favourite boys name and girls name?
I love my name Schirin pronounced Schureen its a Persian princess’s name that means sweet. the German boys name Wolfgang is pretty badass too
- What genre of tv do you like the most? why!
ZOMBIES because thats who i am at heart
- What is your current favourite online store?
i try not to do this AHAHAH
- What is your dream holiday and with who?
Paris and Spain with cris my husb.
- If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
King Ludwig II (the mad one), in the Linderhof palace
- What would heaven look like for you?
winning the lottery for 16 billion dollars
- Whats your favourite feature?
my eyes and hands because they allow me to be an artist
- If you got one super power what would it be?
I would LOVE to have the ability to heal any ailment from any living thing, absorbing the sickness in to me and killing it and leaving the person or animal fully restored.
- If you could go back in time, would you? why?
OH YEA. i would want to see what life was like back in the Renaissance and during the pioneer days on the wild west prairie.
I Nominate:

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no money, will travel

MY Questions TO YOU!!! and yes I am looking forward to reading the responses!! So do it!!

- Should an artist be paid to make art? Should society pay artists to be artists?

- Where is your favorite place in the world? town and landmark please….

- Who is one of your favorite artists?

- What tv show do you make an effort to watch?

- What is the best museum in the world?

- What is your dream vacation?

- Favorite fashion designer and runway show?

- best musical artist?

- why does art matter?

- What is your purpose on earth?

- Do you think technology is improving the human race or destructing it entirely?

Have a glorious weekend!!!


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A day in my {work} life



me at my desk

So much about the day in the life of a career story is about the non working time. Like the commute, lunch, breakfast, coffee breaks – the little gaps of time spent reading emails and clarifying details of a project. All the little moments chatting with coworkers. And for me, omg the walking around NYC. If I’m here for the work day I’m going to soak it up. I do not live in NYC. I live in NJ and commute in on NJ transit. I walk to the train, so cold right now there are wildflowers on the path in the spring and summer.

Its a pretty sweet ride {of chaos,trains often late – sometimes early and leaving early} I am on a high volume passenger train. Its intense but its familiar and a glorious break I get for two hours total a day to read my book, do my makeup and up my acting skills, being cold and aloof to avoid speaking to anyone. Because of all the crazies.
I walk to my office. elevator.

Settle in with my coffee and my bfast. AND GET TO WORK. Working as a designer is mostly finding inspirations. That you surround yourself with.


Its important to me to feel cozy and comfortable as I settle in for about a 9 hour day. But we do take lunch.
Today I didn’t have my BFFFFFF Anna with me, she had to do something. So I went to Pret a Manger Its a good spot for lunch in NYC. Always reading a library book on my kindle (use the Overdrive app!!! free new release books!!!! from your local library) Then I took a walk around. Its lovely to get in exercise and sightsee/people see.

I get my best work done in a quiet morning or right after lunch.
By 4 I want snacks and sugar. I can work on a logo for hours. I change colors frequently and revise over and over. Especially when I get my higher up feedback.


You have to be ok with changing everything you make, and just give in to the idea it will be REVISED yet again hahaha. A huge part of my day is waiting for files from photoshop and illustrator (which is all I use really) to save.

Yay I’m out! Walk in to Penn.

Creepy ghost shadow as I walk home in moon and streetlight.

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Princeton Art Museum



In this chilly east coast weather we had to go to the Princeton Art Museum. Right in the heart of downtown Princeton, (NJ) there is an incredible collection of art. All periods and cultures. We (hubs and I ) have been there so often we decided to focus on the greek/roman section this time around.


Hermaphrodite is the son of Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love) and Hermes (Greek god of traveling) He was born a boy but was changes to be both a boy and a girl when he went to bathe in a pool of water and a water nymph Salmacis fell in love with him and threw her water body on to his and cried out that she’s wishes they would never part. The gods granted her wish and melded their two bodies into one. I thought this was a very beautifully sculpted piece. I think it is displayed well with the red wall behind.


Some more shotes including me with this bust of an Amazon. Its weird to realize that these bronze sculptures weren’t always just bronze they were painted with skin color and red lips-you can see some of the paint remains.

wpid-cam00634-1-12.jpg.jpeg wpid-cam006352.jpg.jpeg wpid-cam006332.jpg.jpeg

This Princeton Vase is my favorite in the whole museum. I saw it first in my pre columbian art history class at FIT and I was so startled that this awesome thing was right in my own NJ! Doesn’t the art look like a graphic novel? See the bunny? That is the artist who painted this vase representing himself as an artist and the scribe for the culture. I love bunnies!!!


This is an oil jar as a bunny from Rome.

wpid-cam006442.jpg.jpeg wpid-cam006432.jpg.jpeg wpid-cam006682.jpg.jpeg

Then we walked around campus. They have some nice outdoor pieces like an Alexander Calder. Also all the pretty ivy is still on the buildings, dead but alive inside.

wpid-cam006562.jpg.jpeg wpid-cam006572.jpg.jpeg

Last stop is cupcakes at The Bent Spoon. They ran out of their delicious hot apple cider. I was so disappointed. The ice cream here is phenomenal. But it was too cold for ice cream, and life. I love this museum its free has a great range and located in the prettiest town in NJ open everyday but monday and you can walk there from the Princeton train station if you want! Stay warm if your east coast – enjoy your week!